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Copyright: Does anyone have a right to copy your song?

When you think back to the very beginning of your musical journey, you might be pleased with how many challenges you have successfully overcome since then. Every singer, songwriter and performer understands that ups and downs are bound to occur, even in the most well-established careers. Some problems are minor, such as scheduling complications or what outfit to wear the next time you step out on stage. Others are far harder to resolve, such as those involving copyrights or other legal matters.

You may be one of the most famous musicians on the planet, but if you lack even a basic understanding of the legal issues pertaining to such careers, and you plan to make music your primary source of income, you may be in for your biggest challenge yet.

Being in the public eye leaves you vulnerable to bad press

When you began your career in the entertainment business, you knew that certain aspects of your life would change dramatically. You probably knew that safeguarding your personal life would become a challenge. You understood that giving up at least some of your privacy was part of the job, but you hoped that the media would at least report the truth when invading your privacy.

These days, too many media outlets publish stories as if they contain the truth even though reporters failed to verify whether the information they received was actually correct. Your reputation affects your work, and when someone makes damaging and untrue statements about you, it could cost you in your career. You have the right to fight back when someone makes defamatory statements about you.

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