Digital And Online Copyright Issues

The availability of the Internet and online distribution platforms has created a host of complex legal issues, as traditional principles of copyright law struggle to keep up with constantly evolving technological advancements.

At Rosenberg, Giger and Perala P.C., our attorneys are highly experienced, and are committed to remaining current, on the ever-evolving and changing landscape of copyright law in the context of the Internet. We have unusually broad and deep experience in advising our clients and, when necessary, representing them in litigation, concerning the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”), the Communications Decency Act, and the various other laws (and related judicial decisions) that address the need to protect copyrighted works on the Internet while not stifling the development of new technological systems for the delivery of music, film and television content.

Our clients in this area have included some of the most significant and innovative entrepreneurs involved in the digital delivery of online content, and we have assisted our clients in a wide range of matters, including:

  • The protection and exploitation of copyrighted music, film and television content through streaming platforms
  • Litigation advancing legal issues of first impression under the DMCA, which has helped shape and define the law governing the online delivery of musical content
  • Advice and counsel to streaming and other providers of online content regarding the distribution of copyrighted digital media in the context of contract and license negotiations with artists, record labels and production companies
  • Strategic advice and planning to online media companies and start-ups in structuring their delivery platforms in a manner intended to avoid litigation under the DMCA and other applicable laws governing the distribution of online content

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