Personal Management Disputes

Disputes involving personal managers and the artists that they represent are extremely common in the entertainment industry, and the attorneys at Rosenberg, Giger and Perala P.C. have decades of experience in this area, representing both managers and artists.

While these disputes most often arise after an artist has terminated a personal manager, significant issues can also develop during the course of an ongoing personal management relationship, and, in either event, we are equally adept at litigating in this area as we are in resolving these types of disputes through negotiation, before the need for litigation arises.

In addition to attempting to avoid litigation in the context of a troubled personal management relationship, we are also frequently consulted by transactional attorneys when an artist and personal manager are first beginning their collaboration, to offer guidance and counsel during the contracting process, in the hope that addressing potential issues at the inception of the parties’ relationship will avoid disputes down the road.

Our clients in this area have included prominent recording artists, composers, models and other highly visible entertainment industry figures, and, as well, some of the country’s most successful and highly-regarded personal managers.

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