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Film, Television And Theater Litigation

Rosenberg, Giger and Perala P.C. has extensive experience in litigating disputes involving the film, television and theater businesses. The firm’s clients in this area include a renowned, Academy Award winning film director; a leading international distributor of theatrical films; producers of popular reality television programming; and holders of rights in film, television and theatrical productions. The firm has in-depth knowledge of these industries and the skill to address and resolve the wide range of issues that frequently arise in this area, including:

  • Copyright claims involving the unauthorized use and infringement of protected works
  • Disputes involving domestic and international film distribution agreements
  • Contractual disputes with co-producers, cast members, distributors and other third-parties
  • Claims involving credit in film, television and theatrical productions

Whether you are a production company, director, writer, cast member or otherwise involved in the film, television or theater industries, we stand ready to provide guidance and assistance to you.

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