Royalty Accounting Disputes

Whether in the music, film, television or theatrical realm, disputes over royalties and license fees generated from the exploitation of a client’s work frequently arise. At Rosenberg, Giger and Perala P.C., our deep knowledge of the entertainment industry and royalty accounting practices, and our extensive litigation experience in cases of this nature, allow us to provide effective client representation in this often technical and complex area.

Whether in the context of formal litigation proceedings or an ongoing royalty audit, we generally partner early in the process with the client’s business manager and transactional counsel, frequently assisted by royalty audit specialists, to assess both the nature and scope of the royalty issues and, based on a cost-benefit analysis, the most efficient means of resolving the dispute. Our experience in this field renders us particularly well-prepared to handle a host of different types of royalty issues, including those affecting:

  • Recording artists and composers in connection with record and music publishing royalty audits
  • Producers and directors of film, television and theatrical works who participate in profits based on the exploitations of their works
  • Authors who are entitled to royalties from the use or adaptation of their work in the literary, film, television and theatrical areas
  • Musicians, actors, models and other artists who have claims against their business managers stemming from improper or excessive commissions

Protect Your Royalty Rights

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